Mega Altaria really is mega fluffy! I hope we can get giant dolls and pillows based on its design in the near future woah (●´▽`●)

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Favorite video games: Fire Emblem: Awakening


by わたぽん


By やみぃ

Just count on me,
To pull you through,
Because that’s all I can do…

Put all your troubles far behind,
I’ll be the one that will support you…

But I hope you understand,
Yes I hope you understand,
That I need you… [x]


wow that’s almost as smooth as telling her she smells like this other girl you know


Luke and Maya together is the cutest thing of plvsaa


"…the legacy of Subject Seventeen will continue uninhibited as Sample Seventeen." x


The Rosie is one of the functional types of Big Daddies in Rapture, along with the Bouncer, the Rumbler, and the Lancer. Along with being assigned to protect Little Sisters, Rosies are also the supplementary mechanics and maintenance workers of Rapture. Its main weapon is a giant Rivet Gun. They are taller and slower moving than the Bouncer, making them less agile, but their long-range gun makes them just as dangerous.

Little Sisters being adorable!

dear cas,